We Are Here To Help You

We’re full service, meaning we’ve got you covered on video production, design and content through to digital. We plan and code clean video content, websites and apps with more than ten years of knowledge and expertise.

Video Production

We can capture in cinematic and join to any project, recording in 4K 240 fps up to 12K 60 fps RAW.

Drone Footage

Photo and video footage from drone 4K vertical and horizontal format in 60 fps from up to 120 meters altitude.


We can broadcast through any web platform your events, safe, secure and sharp up to 4k, UHD quality.

Live Streaming

We are happy to stream your event with our fancy toys from Black Magic, Canon and DJI.

Video Editing

We can edit in post production your video and audio materials. Green screen and special efects.

Mobile Apps

Mobile app developed in concordat with user experience and user interface creating a bridge with your website.

UI/UX Design - Websites

We’ve got you covered on design right with user experience and user interface creating a bridge with your mobile app.

Vectorial Shapes

We desine for you from scratch vectorial buttons, icons that work for your business, unique elements.

SEO Optimization

Intend to create meaningful digital experiences that connect with people.

Voice recording

Voice recording and special effects for your video materials to smash your competition.

Business & Corporate Photos

Portret photo sesions for your company website and also for coroporate events on site.

Photo Product

Ecommerce websites not only have great products, but also great photos of their products.

Brand Solutions

Brand solution, the logo, an visual identity from scratch to profesional and unique for your audience.


Marketing campaigns online and convetional chanels customised to target your audience better then ever.

Marketing products

Design for your new business card, flyers, displays, gift cards and so on, even the sky is not our limit anymore.

Services provided & Variants

With a vast array of styles at your disposal, you can craft virtually any design using the solutions, services, and existing products from Bonea Creative Studio’s portfolio. Get ready to build a lasting relationship with us.

Who We Are

Bonea Creative Studio offers creatives from any background and skill level the support they need to bring their ideas to life. Let us craft the content for your next online marketing campaign.

Making your next awesome video ads crossing all the platforms (YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Pinterest, Vimeo and others that we forget now to put in this list).

Customer Support

Customer support is the team of people who provide help when customers have trouble with a company's products or services, we are 24/7 via email and phone Monday-Friday 09.00-17.00 CET.

Cinematic Videos

Our goal is that the delivered product is in harmony with the customer's requirements with what we consider to be a valued product in the market and why not to be a trendsetter.

Advertising Agency

We are proud to be a representative company in the market since 2018 based in Denmark.


We thrive on the challenges our customers bring us, tailoring digital products to fit their business needs with innovative solutions. Our goal? To become the change makers of tomorrow.

We're not the only ones happyexcited about our work ...